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I’m a freelance journalist, adjunct professor and vacation host maven. In my leisure hours, I like to paint furniture, cook and entertain, photograph landscapes and cityscapes, read books with good character development and pursue outdoor activities. I discovered Sunapee, NH in the late 90s for its hiking and ski trails, as well as the famous League of NH Crafts Fair. 

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Sunapee is not far from Greater Boston, but a world apart in culture. For one thing, there are no mega-resorts trampling its quiet beauty. But it’s not so tranquil that if your car gets stuck in a snow bank, you feel alone. Because wouldn’t you know it: a local with a pickup truck and chains is likely to drive by and pull you out of dire straits. I bought a house here in the early 2000s. Its presence sets the stage for either a quiet respite or a spirited get-together with family and friends. Now I enjoy sharing it with others so they can create their own versions of bliss.  

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